Click Speed Test - Improve Click Per Second with CPS Test Tool

Clicking the mouse at a slower speed is not a disgrace! Anytime, you can practice and learn how to improve your clicks per second with our new Click Speed Test tool. Therefore, we have a clicker speed test tool for you to test your click speed limit!

Our Click Speed Test tool is suitable for almost everyone, including student, jobholders, and programmers. But, you may not know how to play it like a fun game and why you even need it.  So, let’s get into the guide to learn everything about the click speed test game, its benefits, and its features!

What is Click Speed Test Tool

What is Click Speed Test Tool?

The Click Speed Test tool is a small application that can measure your click every second. Usually, the tool looks like a game where you can test your ability of higher or lower mouser clicking rate. You will be given a fixed amount of time to click randomly on a specific space. After that, the application will keep track of your clicks instantly.

How Can You Improve The Clicks Per Seconds?

So, how to measure click speed and improve your click speed with CPS test game?

Step 1: First, click “Click here to start” to start the game. After clicking, the time count will begin to complete a ten seconds cycle.

Step 2: Immediately after clicking the button, start randomly clicking your mouse on the rectangular click area. Of course, you have to click as much as possible to make a higher score.

Step 3: Click Test in 3 Seconds or Test in 5 Seconds to change your game duration.

Once you load the Click Speed Test window, you will see a timer and a space bar. The default timer is 10 seconds. Therefore, you have to continuously press the left mouse click or laptop touchpad for 10 seconds. After deciding your time limit, you can start the game.

How Fast Can You Click to Check Your Click Speed Testing Score with CPS Test?

Often people try to click with full force, which causes them to shake the computer desk! Yet, there will be no sound output at an uncontrolled click. So, instead, you must click on focused attention, keeping a balance while in the click speed test.

Anyway, the average click for a regular computer user should be between 7 to 10 clicks per second. If you want to want to check the cps test working functionality, you can use mouse clicker tool.

How fast can you click

How Many Clicks Per Second is Fast?

The click test speed vary from user to user. For example, a data entry specialist must apply more clicks than a news researcher. So, you have to make the count according to your work.

In general, having 5 to 7 clicks per second will help you practice for any job requiring many mouse clicks. Clicker speed test is just a tool to help you practice gently. You will not have to break records by clicking improperly.

How Can I Get Faster Clicks Per Second?

To achieve faster click speed, spend 5 to 10 minutes daily on our click speed game. If you are a new computer user, begin with playing the 10 seconds game. At first, play naturally with your average clicking speed. Later, try to increase the click rate with a constant flow.

Please, check on the clicking methods listed below:

  • Regular Click Speed Test: Regular clicking refers to having very usual and fewer clicks. Usually, web browsing, simple photo editing, slideshow presentation, etc., are some examples of regular clicking. You can click 3 to 6 times per second in this way.
  • Jittery Click Speed Test: Jittery clicking is more complicated than traditional clicking. It creates a pendulum effect through muscle memory. Typically, you can click 10 to 15 times a second in this method. You will need this kind of clicking in photo retouching and coloring.
  • Dragging Speed Test: Drag clicking will need you to drag the mouse from top to bottom while clicking. If you are a gamer, you will adjust with this sort of touch and click. You can bring 30 to 100 clicks in this method. 
  • Butterfly Speed Test: Butterfly clicking will allow you to move the mouse just like jittery clicking in a faster way. Your hands will travel both the left and right sides of the mouse pad while using two-finger for clicking the same button. In this way, you can click 15 to 25 times a second.
Click Speed Test features

Features of Click Speed Test

We have included one-click and straightforward functionality in our speed click test app. You can enter into the page and instantly begin the game.

Moreover, we have options to change the speed test duration according to your preference. Plus, you will face no delay in showing the counted results.

Benefits of CPS Test Game

Now you know how the clicker speed test is done. But, do you know why it is widespread? It provides entertainment like a game. So you can bring a chill to your workplace. This will remove your stress and anxiety for a moment.

Then, it can increase your clicking speed slowly. Clicking on a specific area will let you keep the mouse pointer subtly. By doing so, you could create accurate masking while editing photos or drawings.

Furthermore, it is a prominent way to conduct muscle exercise. That means your fingers will have much more flex, and your blood circulation will remain ongoing even in a sitting position.

In addition, clicking faster will make you a better gamer with accuracy and consistency in aiming action.

Tips to Improve Your CPS

There has been a record that people took the mouse click test as competition for its excitement. But, few things you might need to consider before playing the game.

(i) Never bid with anyone before having enough muscle practice of clicking. Otherwise, your tissues may feel injured because of getting torn apart through a heavy load of clicking.

(ii) Always buy the best quality mouse from the market. Cheap mice can harm your finger while getting damaged within a few clicks. 

(iii) Click the mouse gently, or it will become your habit to click frequently without any reason. Hence, you may feel bored while doing a slow-mouse job.

(iv) Use the click test tools with no latency between the click and counting. For example, our click speed test game will instantly show you the click count with no delay.

Final Words

So, now you know everything about the click speed test ultimately. You can mention your click speed record as a skill in any job interview related to database entry or designing job. Use our Click Speed Test tool and share it with friends to have fun! Soon we will come up with spacebar speed test, right click speed test, autoclickers and a lot more new things.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you use the proper fingers and place them on the mouse correctly, you can quickly get at least 8 to 10 clicks.

You can increase your speed by practising various click tactics correctly. For example, try to learn the jittery, butterfly, and dragging clicks for more effective click speed.

It is very simple to test the mouse clicker speed. You just need to open click speed test tool and select the timer that you want. Then, click on the Clicker Area to start and click faster with full of energy to beat the expected record.

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