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Are you exhausted from rapid clicking while playing games or continuous clicking tasks? Let’s face this situation, not everyone in this world is a pro when it comes to performing continuous clicks in games. Sometimes the difficult task of playing games is simply clicking fast enough. If you’re facing trouble keeping up with the action in your favorite games, we’ve got just the best solution for you. We present to you the OP Auto Clicker that is a game changer for anyone who struggles while performing mouse clicks manually.

Not only will this macro clicker make the tasks easier, but you can actually automate mouse clicks over and over again whenever you are playing your favorite auto click games with this safe and secure OP Auto Clicker 3.0 which is the updated version available for free.

If you want to know the most out of your auto-clicker gaming experience, read on to explore everything regarding the software when playing your favorite auto-clicker games.

What is an OP Auto Clicker?

An OP Auto Clicker is a powerful software tool which can allow you to automate mouse click actions whenever you need. It is capable of handling the rapid clicks while performing the click speed in the required area. For instance, if you want to cross-check its auto clicks, you can test it with the click speed test tool.

There are some old versions (op autoclicker 2.0, op auto clicker 2.1) available and working. However, it is always recommended to download op auto clicker upgraded version that is OP Auto Clicker 3.0.

How to Get OP Auto Clicker?

It is always recommended to install the safe auto clicker from a legit platform. You can visit this source which lists safe, secure and 100% functional op clicker software tools.

How to Use an OP Auto Clicker 3.0?

Well, OP Autoclicker is very easy to use. Please follow the below guidance to use and perform opautoclick.

  • The very first step is to download auto clicker and you can get it from the above official source.
  • Now, you need to go to the installed folder on your pc and there you will see the autoclicker3 zip file.
  • Right click on that file and try to extract it.
  • After the extraction is completed, you will see the op autoclicker 3 dot exe file. 
  • Now, click on that file and it will open the OP Autoclicker 3.0 window. (UI)
  • There are a total 4 modules available to configure the opautoclick (Click Interval, Click Options, Click Repeat and Cursor Position).
  1. Click Interval: It is the time duration between 2 clicks which is in second, millisecond, minutes and hours.
  2. Click Options: It consists of Mouse Button to select for performing mouse auto clicks and another is Click Type for single or double click actions.
  3. Click Repeat: You can set the mouse click repeat actions as per your requirement or keep it as it is and it will not stop until you try to Stop it.
  4. Cursor Position: It is very important to assign the cursor position. There are 2 positions. One is Current location and second is available as per your choice.
  • Now, it is time to Start the Free Mouse Clicker and for that there is Start Button available in the OP Clicker UI.
  • You can also click on the F6 button on your keyboard.
  • It will start running and even it can run in the background.
  • That is how you can use an auto clicker.

Main Features

There are a variety of features offered by this free auto clicker tool which you can use in your best free auto clicker games such as auto clicker for Roblox, Minecraft to enhance your gaming level. You can also check your click speed in continuous clickable tasks.

  • Open Source
  • Compatible with all Windows OS
  • Fluent working without any errors
  • High CPM
  • Consumes very low CPU usage
  • Ability to produce High CPM
  • User friendly UI/UX
  • Inbuilt Hotkey feature
  • Record and Play options
  • Safe and secure

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to get started with Auto Clicker?

Ans – First you need to download the latest version of autoclicker and after download, you can click on the autoclicker3.exe file. It will open the OP Autoclicker UI. There you can see the Start button and you need to click on it or press the F6 button on the keyboard which is the default Hotkey.

Q2. Is autoclicker op safe to use?

Ans – Yes, it is safe to use if you get it from the secure platform.

Q3. Are auto-clickers illegal?

Ans – It is always recommend to use autoclickers for your personal experience to improve gaming experience. However, it looks illegal if you use in any of gaming competitions.

Q4. What is the best auto clicker available?

Ans – There are many autoclickers are available online for free. But, it is difficult to select the best. If your requirement is for rapid clicks then you can use opautoclick.

Q5. Is there any Auto Clicker for Mac?

Ans – Yes, many mac autoclicker are there available for MAC OS. However, it is depend on the mac system supported versions. You can try Auto Clicker for MAC.

Q6. What do you mean by CPM OPAutoclick?

Ans – The OPAutoclick CPM is the time duration in which this free auto clicker is performing click actions per minute.

Q7. How to measure the click speed of OP Autoclicker 3.0?

Ans – If you want to check and measure the mouse clicks speed then you can use cps test software. It will display the clicks achieved in assigned time duration.


Games now a days requires players to use mouse buttons to click on the various elements that appear while playing the game. Even, some working tasks also require continuous clicks. You will be required to do this repeatedly as fast as possible. With OP Auto Clicker and its advanced features, you can release all your work load in a single click. So, stop executing manual actions and try this op clicker to invoke all your tasks automatically. 

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